Total Indoor Environmental Quality (TIEQ) Lab

The TIEQ Lab is an indoor environmental quality and building HVAC system test bed. Researchers use it to study how multiple factors—including temperature, humidity, air quality, lighting and sound—combine to affect human health and performance in built environments… Read more about the Total Indoor Environmental Quality (TIEQ) Lab.

Combustion & Energy Research (COMER) Lab

The primary research goal of lab members is to further the understanding and application of fuel cell combustion in the energy field. Combining a fundamental knowledge of thermodynamics, chemistry, heat transfer, and combustion allows for a wide range of projects related to harvesting, sustaining and converting energy… Read more about the Combustion & Energy Research (COMER) Lab.

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Built Environment Science & Technology (BEST) Lab

Built Environment Science & Technology (BEST) Lab is an interdisciplinary research group within Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, at Syracuse University focusing on design and implementation of advanced building controls, modeling and simulation of building energy supply and demand systems, indoor environment quality (IEQ), and human behaviors, and Fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) of HVAC systems. Our research spans the fields of mechanical engineering, computer science, architecture, electrical engineering, and operations research. Read more about the BEST Lab.

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Material Archi-Techtonic Research (MATR) Lab

The Material Archi-Techtonic Research Lab (MATR) is an interdisciplinary Syracuse School of Architecture research group directed by Daekwon Park. Located at the Syracuse Center of Excellence, the group focuses on the intersection between design, material science and environmental engineering… Read more about the Material Archi-Techtonic Research (MATR) Lab.

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Applied Sciences & Technology Research in Architecture (ASTRA) Lab

The ASTRA Lab conducts interdisciplinary, multi-scalar investigation into architectural, planning, and technology integration approaches… Read more about the Applied Sciences & Technology Research in Architecture (ASTRA) Lab.

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Green Roof

The green roof at the Syracuse Center of Excellence headquarters building was developed to provide rainwater retention and curb the urban heat island effect, as well as provide a visible connection to nature. The building site also features two storm water retention tanks to control run-off entering the sewer system. Rain and meltwater are collected from seven separate drains on the roof and stored in a 8,000-gallon tank in the building… Read more about the Green Roof.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Lab

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Lab provides complete testing facilities for autonomous guidance, navigation, and control of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)s in an indoor environment… Read more about the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Lab.

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Rooftop Research Platform

A full-access rooftop used for the placement of sensors and sampling equipment for air quality research and building system performance studies. Current research using this platform is in the areas of atmospheric particulate pollutants, solar collector performance, and LED lighting technology.

Urban Ecosystem Observatory Tower

At SUNY-ESF, a variety of projects provide environmental monitoring data in relation to research associated with atmospheric deposition, climate change, and water quality. The Syracuse Center of Excellence and the Upper Onondaga Park sites are being developed to compare meteorological conditions and air quality within urban (CoE) and residential settings in the City of Syracuse… Read more about the Urban Ecosystem Observatory Tower.

The Cold Climate Heat Pump (CCHP)

This testbed is currently used for testing an exterior-installed residential EnergyPOD for heating, cooling, energy recovery ventilation, and domestic hot water supply. It consists of an outdoor unit, an indoor hydronic test stand for simulating the indoor space loads, and transfer lines between the outdoor unit and the test stand. Read more about the Cold Climate Heat Pump

Collaborative Project Space

Additional research and office space is available for industry partners working with faculty and students on projects in our areas of focus.

Previous R & D at SyracuseCoE

Domestic Hot Water Lab

Water heating is the second largest energy use in New York homes. Historically, efforts to improve residential efficiency have focused on space conditioning, often neglecting water heating improvements. Several new or recently-refined technologies are now available on the market including, solar water heaters, gas-fired tank-less units, and heat pump water heaters… Read more about the Domestic Hot Water Lab.

Interactive Design and Visualization Lab

The Interactive Design and Visualization Lab is an immersive design environment for simulating the environmental effects and multiuser experience of dynamically responsive building envelope systems and architectural spaces… Read more about the Interactive Design and Visualization Lab.

Intermodal Transportation Center

Located on a remediated brownfield site, this facility provides easy access to the Connective Corridor bus and other Centro routes, for anyone traveling between the Syracuse University Campus and other Greater Syracuse destinations… Read more about the Intermodal Transportation Center.

Near Westside Initiative

Near Westside Initiative is a not-for-profit organization operated out of the Office of Community Engagement and Economic Development at Syracuse University. Near Westside residents have helped SyracuseCoE Partners learn invaluable lessons about bringing innovations from the lab to market through real world demonstrations in several of the revitalized neighborhood buildings.