Event Sustainability Practices

The SyracuseCoE Event Sustainability Practices are meant to lessen environmental impact. When events are held at our facility, we implement conservation methods and use environmentally-safe products, whenever possible.

Water: Water can be distributed at meetings in pitchers from our kitchen tap.  Limited water glasses will be provided for this purpose.  Disposable cups are prohibited.

Food: Whenever possible, we will use local food (within 100 miles) to cater any events held at our building. Syracuse University, our primary source of catering will try to accommodate local/organic food requests when catering in our building.

Materials – All products should be as sustainable as possible:

  1. Paper: We minimize using paper supplies when possible, and when necessary we purchase products with high post-consumer, recycled, unbleached products.
  2. Cleaning: All cleaning products in our building are natural and biodegradeable.
  3. Tableware: We encourage the use of reusable containers, with “recyclable” as a minimum option. We can provide dishes and flatware for small events.
  4. Meeting materials: If you have handout materials, we encourage you to print on unbleached, recycled and recyclable paper. We discourage the distribution of laminated handouts. Please do your best to limit wasteful excess materials. Please take any extras you have with you.

Waste: We encourage recycling in the building. Please do not throw away recyclable products, deposit them into the appropriate bin, rinsed when appropriate.

Energy: In an effort to conserve, we request that projectors and lights be turned off when not in use, and doors left closed to conserve room environment.