Jeongmin Ahn

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering & Computer Science, Syracuse University

Focus Areas: Advanced energy conversions, fuel cells, batteries, combustion, thermal management, powerMEMS

Faculty Fellows Projects:

2020 Projects
Establishment of Initial Exploratory Research for the Mycelium Research Group
Principal Investigator. Research focusing on establishing a foundation of initial experimental work for the Mycelium Research Group (MRG). The MRG will conduct interdisciplinary mycelium-based research across a range of exploratory applications with commercialization potential. In collaboration with Daekwon Park, Zhao Qin, and Nina Sharifi.
2019 Projects
This project seeks to develop a hybrid Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) system for onboard power generation of a small Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). The hybrid system will increase the flight duration of the UAS up to a factor of 5 times the current endurance, enabling the use of a small UAS for large scale water and other resource surveys.
2017 Projects
This project seeks to develop cost-effective and energetically efficient ways of converting bio- and fossil fuels to hydrogen-rich fuels needed for fuel cell systems. Prof. Ahn’s focus: evaluating the performance of fuel cell systems fueled by hydrogen-rich gases with some hydrocarbon impurities. In collaboration with Ben Akih-Kumgeh.
2016 Projects
This project seeks to develop a flame-assisted fuel cell (FFC) concept with specific applications in residential space and domestic hot water heating. With SyracuseCoE support, his lab will work on rich-burn, quick-mix, lean-burn (RQL) combustor with FFC integrated that generates electrical power and has the potential for significant reductions in NOx formation. See published research: Micro-tubular flame-assisted fuel cells for micro-combined heat and power systems
2015 Projects

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