Professor Nina Sharifi

Nina Wilson

Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, Syracuse University

Focus Areas: Design technologies for resilience in buildings & infrastructure, net-zero deep energy retrofit systems, and modular environmental controls design, simulation, and visualization tools

Faculty Fellows Projects:

2020 Projects
Net Zero Retrofit Campus Housing Pilot
Principal Investigator. The interdisciplinary Net Zero Retrofit Campus Housing Pilot Project will advance implementation of NZR by developing replicable approaches for multifamily building types using parametric tools and a live research test-bed. In collaboration with Bing Dong.

Establishment of Initial Exploratory Research for the Mycelium Research Group
Research focusing on establishing a foundation of initial experimental work for the Mycelium Research Group (MRG). The MRG will conduct interdisciplinary mycelium-based research across a range of exploratory applications with commercialization potential. In collaboration with Daekwon Park, Jeongmin Ahn, and Zhao Qin.

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