Professor Akih-kumgeh teaching in the lab

Ben Akih-Kumgeh

Associate Professor, College of Engineering & Computer Science, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Syracuse University

Focus Areas: Combustion physics and chemistry, fuel technology, thermodynamic analysis of energy systems

Faculty Fellows Projects:

2018 Projects
This project explores the use of biodiesel to enhance the ignition behavior of gasoline for a cleaner and more efficient engine concept known as the Advanced Compression Ignition engine. It uses shock tube ignition experiments and quantum chemical calculations to establish a detailed chemical kinetic model for engine design analysis.
2017 Projects
This project seeks to develop cost-effective and energetically efficient ways of converting bio- and fossil fuels to hydrogen-rich fuels needed for fuel cell systems. Prof. Akih-Kumgeh will focus on establishing the controlling gas-phase chemical kinetics using a shock tube reactor. In collaboration with Jeongmin Ahn.
2016 Projects
Professor Akih-Kumgeh will be conducting preliminary studies on laser absorption diagnostics of ignition and pyrolysis kinetics of a class of biofuels. These studies will be conducted at his lab located at SyracuseCoE Headquarters. Additionally, with SyracuseCoE support, three students from Professor Akih-Kumgeh’s lab attended the 2016 Princeton Combustion Summer School.

See the published research: Propanol isomers: Investigation of ignition and pyrolysis time scales

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