Theodore Dibble

Theodore S. Dibble

Professor, Chemistry, SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry

Focus Areas: Kinetics and mechanism in the atmosphere, combustion, and radiolysis, computational chemistry, mercury

Faculty Fellows Projects:

2019 Projects
This project seeks to (a) develop a technique to identify and quantify the gaseous Hg(II) species emitted from combustion sources, and (b) determine how strongly these Hg(II) species bind to soil. This research will transform our understanding of how atmospheric deposition of Hg(II) affects mercury fate and transport in ecosystems.
2018 Projects
This project explores the use of biodiesel to enhance the ignition behavior of gasoline for a cleaner and more efficient engine concept known as the Advanced Compression Ignition engine. It uses shock tube ignition experiments and quantum chemical calculations to establish a detailed chemical kinetic model for engine design analysis. In collaboration with Ben Akih-Kumgeh.

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