NYS Science + Technology Law Center makes technology commercialization research available to TEC firms this summer

Successful commercialization of new technology depends on the integration of a great deal of information. Research can take hundreds of hours and be costly. Critical research includes an understanding of the existing intellectual property, competition, market, and regulatory scheme.  The SyracuseCoE has teamed up with its colleagues at the NYS Science and Law Technology Law Center/ Innovation Law Center to offer research to firms in the TEC cluster. The research is key to formulating a path to market and preparing to pitch technology to potential investors and/or licensees. Depending on the individual research needs of the TEC companies, the research will be completed over the summer. The research is conducted by law students at Syracuse University’s College of Law, under the supervision of the Innovation Law Center faculty and staff.

All TEC cluster firms are encouraged to explore this resource. Please contact Tammy Rosanio at tlrosani@syr.edu for more information.