SyracuseCoE and Central New York Biotechnology Accelerator (CNY BAC) partnered in a joint Research and Technology Forum yesterday that explored emerging approaches at the interface of health care and environmental control. The Forum included presentations by Dr. Robert Corona, SUNY Upstate Vice President for Innovation and Business Development, and Mike Wetzel, President and CEO of Air Innovations. The presenters offered insight about how to utilize precision medicine to customize healthcare and to take into account the biological, environmental and behavioral factors that drive disease.

Right from the start, many SyracuseCoE partners have pursued a vision for leveraging one of Central New York’s signature industry clusters to catalyze innovations in technologies for built environments that would improve occupant health and wellness. Synergistically, the Central New York Biotechnology Accelerator (CNY BAC) envisions building on regional strengths to advance innovations in”precision medicine,” which seeks to improve disease treatment and prevention by taking into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for each person.  


Dr. Robert CoronaDr. Robert Corona

DO, MBA, FCAP, FASCP, John B, Henry and Chair of Pathology, Medical Director of Neuropathology/Pathology, Vice President for Innovation and Business Development, Central New York Biotech Accelerator, Upstate Medical University

Making sense of a lifetime of big data that each individual generates will allow us to better predict and prevent disease, personalize our health care, and engage each of us to participate in the management of our care.

Each individual generates billions of bits of information from conception, through fetal development, the birthing process and then throughout life until death. Newer technologies will be capturing new types of personal data that we may use to improve the quality of our lives. We produce physiologic data detected by our wearable sensors, laboratory data, imaging data, vital sign monitoring data, data from our genes and the proteins our body manufactures.

Can we build a learning health system that extracts data patterns from EMRs, gene sequencers, laboratory tests, medical imaging, social media, mobile health and e-health technologies? We will be able to forecast disease, predict outcomes and responses to therapies? The applications for actionable data are endless. This is the future of precision medicine.

Michael WetzelMike Wetzel

President and CEO, Air Innovations

Air Innovations has a long history of engineering environments to meet a wide variety of specific challenges. While many of our applications are for protecting sensitive processes or valuable goods, we are seeing more applications emerging related to human health and wellness. And access to individualized environmental control is just on the horizon.


Ed Bogucz

Executive Director, SyracuseCoE, Associate Professor, Syracuse University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering




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