Meng Kong

Research Assistant Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering and Computer Science, Syracuse University

Focus Areas: Building Environmental and Energy Management and Control

Faculty Fellows Projects:

2020 Projects
A New Approach to Evaluate Energy Savings, Thermal Comfort and IAQ from Occupant-Centric Building Controls.
This project aims to develop a new approach to evaluate energy savings, thermal comfort, and indoor air quality from occupant-centric building controls and demonstrate the approach with full-scale experiments in the SyracuseCoE’s Total Indoor Environmental Quality Laboratory (TIEQ Lab)
In collaboration with Bing Dong, Steven VonDeak, and Jianshun Zhang.

Measuring the Vertical Profile of Air Pollution and Noise Near Interstate-81
This project will measure the air quality and noise levels at 6 different heights at the SyracuseCoE headquarters building, near Interstate-81. This is the first vertical profile study of air quality and noise near an elevated highway. In collaboration with Jaime Mirowsky, Judy Crawford, and John Hassett.

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