Photo of Amber Bartosh in the Syracuse Center of Excellence Visualization Lab Using an Oculus Development Kit 2 Visualization Device

Amber Bartosh

Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, Syracuse University

Focus Areas: Resilient architecture, integrated façade systems, and responsive environment simulation via virtual and augmented reality

Faculty Fellows Projects:

2019 Projects
This project initiates the development of an innovative Green Design Studio (GDS – a software framework) for fast generation of creative design options/solutions at the early/conceptual building design stage. The GDS will consist of logically defined functional building blocks, called green building entities (GBEs), and algorithms for integration of compatible GBEs to form optimal designs of buildings or community systems according to the criteria for human comfort, health and well-being and urban sustainability. In collaboration with Jianshun Zhang.
2016 Projects
Professor Bartosh is working on a model to virtually design interior environments using a shape memory polymer integrated façade system which will control the daylighting, solar gain, glare, and thermal comfort without electricity. The virtual reality technology allows for the visualization at full-scale of both the system and the space beyond and allows users to “move” within the environment to dynamically experience daylight changes, shadows, and “see” thermal changes in response to variations in the facade triggered by temperature differentials.

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