Electrification has been identified as a key to reducing carbon emissions by eliminating fossil fuels, and heat pumps are a cornerstone of this electrification. However, available heat pump technologies do not meet all our needs – there are significant market gaps that call for innovative solutions.

This EPIC Buildings webinar featured three leaders in the application of heat pumps: Nicole Ceci, Principal Mechanical Engineer at Steven Winter Associates; Jordan Dentz, VP of NY Operations at MaGrann Associates; and Evan Hallas, Senior Energy Analyst at Taitem Engineering. The work of these panelists offers unique insights into where new heat pump products, as well as supporting technologies, are still needed. By identifying new product needs, we hope that New York innovators will bring their creativity to fill these important gaps.

Recorded on January 30th, 2024.

Watch the webinar:


Ian Shapiro, SyracuseCoE Associate Director of Building Science and Community Programs


Nicole Ceci, Principal Mechanical Engineer, Steven Winter Associates

Jordan Dentz, VP of NY Operations, MaGrann Associates

Evan Hallas, Senior Energy Analyst, Taitem Engineering

The EPIC Buildings Program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy to assist and promote companies developing energy hardware innovations for buildings. The project is led jointly by the SyracuseCoE, the Center of Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems at Syracuse University and by the Tech Garden of CenterState CEO. Read more about the EPIC Buildings Accelerator.

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