Intellectual Collisions Spark Innovation

SyracuseCoE’s Collaborative Activities for Research and Technology Innovation (CARTI) Program Spur Start-up Growth

Funds from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), fuels the SyracuseCoE’s Collaborative Activities for Research and Technology Innovation (CARTI) program.

“CARTI projects represent the best in air quality and water resource management research being conducted in the US,” says Rep. James R. Walsh (R-NY). “I’m proud to have secured funding to support ongoing research and education activities at the SyracuseCoE’s partner institutions.”

“Commercializing technology developed from this research will invigorate economic and job growth in our community,” adds SyracuseCoE Board Chairman R. Leland Davis. “The CARTI program is the spark that unites our distinguished universities with Upstate industries.”

Begun in 2006, CARTI is a cornerstone of the SyracuseCoE’s “technology transfer” initiative, which encourages open exchange of ideas and “intellectual collisions” between institutions and industry. CARTI research projects link academic researchers with business leaders across New York.

Along with the SyracuseCoE Office for Industry Collaboration’s Technical Application and Demonstration (TAD) grants, Commercialization Assistance Program (CAP), and Research & Technology Forums, CARTI is vital conduit that ensures start-ups and established firms alike benefit from a well-spring of innovative research conducted at world-class Upstate New York colleges and universities.