This presentation was about the importance of early-stage research in the development of intellectual property and new technologies, as well as the IP, markets and regulatory assistance available from the Innovation Law Center to support companies in the EPIC Buildings regional cluster.

When bringing new technologies from an early stage to an investment ready stage, understanding the intellectual property, market, and regulatory landscapes is essential. Knowing what you don’t know is half the battle. The Innovation Law Center (ILC) provides legal research, education, and information useful in assessing the commercialization prospects for new technology.

The ILC provides entrepreneurs and companies research identifying potential IP, market, and regulatory challenges. This enables inventors and entrepreneurs to make key decisions about moving forward. Research includes prior art searches, market and competitor analysis, and regulatory landscapes. The ILC has helped hundreds of companies and institutions make their technology vision become a commercial reality.

If you are a company or institution focused on bringing new technology to market, the ILC is available to assist with key research. Established in 1990, the ILC’s technology commercialization experiential learning programs were the first of their kind to examine the legal principles necessary to usher science and technology innovation from its earliest stages to successful commercialization. Law and business students work with experienced faculty and staff to provide the research.


Brian Gerling, J.D., Executive Director, Innovation Law Center, Syracuse University

Dominick Danna, B.A. Chemistry, B.S.E., Engineer-In-Residence, Innovation Law Center, Market Expert, NYS Science & Technology Law Center, Adjunct Professor, Syracuse University College of Law

David Eilers, M.B.A., Market Expert, Innovation Law Center, Adjunct Professor, Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University College of Law

Moderator: Eric A. Schiff, Professor, Physics, Syracuse University

This was an EPIC Buildings Program event.