This month’s Research and Technology Forum featured presentations from Dr. Paul Mutolo and Barry Carr who share insights on past, present and future transportation technologies and supporting energy infrastructure. Dr. Paul Mutolo kicks off the event with an “encore performance” of his TEDx talk, addressing the impacts of current transportation systems, exploring whether they are “…borrowing from our past and our future simultaneously,” and providing a vision for future “honorable” transportation. Afterwards, Barry Carr reviews current programs designed to promote alternative transportation options – including electric, natural gas and hydrogen-powered vehicles – as well as future transportation technologies. The program concludes with an introduction to a regional start-up company that is working to establish a network of grid-tied, onsite produced hydrogen stations to power advancements for fuel cell vehicles of tomorrow.


Dr. Paul Mutolo

Dr. Paul Mutolo, CEO, Standard Hydrogen Corporation, and Director of External Partnerships, Energy Materials Center at Cornell University

Paul Mutolo, PhD, is Co-Founder and CEO of Standard Hydrogen Corporation (SHC). SHC’s mission is enabling widespread deployment of carbon free power and vehicles. We do this through sales of Hydrogen Energy Services™ for customers in the grid and transportation sectors, powered by our HyGEL™ onsite hydrogen energy storage system.
Paul is a founding board member and officer of the New York Battery & Energy Storage Technology (NY-BEST) consortium. He also manages industry-university relationships for two research centers at Cornell University: emc2, the Energy Materials Center; and PARADIM, the Platform for the Accelerated Realization, Analysis, & Discovery of Interface Materials. 
Dr. Mutolo earned his PhD in inorganic and solid state chemistry from the University of California Santa Barbara. A recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship, Paul conducted two years of his doctoral research at the WWU in Münster, Germany. He received his A.B. in chemistry from Cornell. Paul lives in Ithaca with his wife and their two boys.


Barry Carr

Barry Carr, Coordinator, Clean Communities of Central New York

Barry Carr is the Coordinator of Clean Communities of CNY, an outreach program operated by the US Department of Energy since 1993. He is in charge of educating transportation professionals on the use of alternative fuels and alternative fueled vehicles.
Involved in the alternative-fuel vehicle industry since 1988, Barry works closely with state and federal governments in support of funding and development programs. He serves on NGV America’s Federal and State Legislative Committee, is vice chair of the Northeast Gas Association, and was recently awarded a lifetime achievement award from NGV America. Additionally, he has also been named to the US Department of Energy’s Clean Cities Hall of Fame.
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Research & Technology Forum Series 

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