Eight Student Presentations on Research and Innovation Projects Win Awards at Annual SyracuseCoE Student Poster Competition

There were eight winners of the 2018 SyracuseCoE Student Poster Competition. Thirty-four student posters from six institutions were judged on September 24 during the International Building Physics Conference (IBPC2018) co-hosted by SyracuseCoE and Syracuse University. Judges engaged poster contestants and posters were judged on project layout and design of posters, as well as student’s knowledge and ability to explain posters and answer questions from judges.

“These competitions put student’s hard work in the spotlight and gives them a valuable opportunity to present their research with a broad group of people,” said Ed Bogucz, SyracuseCoE executive director and associate professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Syracuse University. “We look forward to hosting the annual SyracuseCoE Student Poster Competition every year to applaud student’s success.”

Posters were judged in three categories: undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. winners:

Undergrad Winners:

1st Place: Andres Inga, SUNY Oswego, Physics, Characterization of Ferromagnetic and Ferroelectric Heterostructure; Faculty Advisor: Shireen Adenwalla

2nd Place: Jason Cho, Syracuse University, The Discovery of the Optimal Greenest Source of Urban Irrigation; Faculty Advisor: Charley Driscoll

3rd Place: Kyle Bautista, SUNY Oswego, Adolescent Education and Physics, Success in American Public Schools: Creative Building Strategies for Enhanced Education; Faculty Advisor: Carolina Ilie

Master’s Winners:

1st Place: Lucie Worthen, Syracuse University, Environmental Engineering, Validation of the PCSWMM LID Module for an Extensive Green Roof in Syracuse, NY; Faculty Advisor: Cliff Davidson

2nd Place: Stephanie Haller, Ehsan Sabaghian, and Rawad El Kontar, Syracuse University, Architecture, Community Energy: Technical and Social Challenges, and Integrative Solutions; Faculty Advisors: Jason Dedrick, Elizabeth Krietemeyer, Tarek Rakha

PhD Winners:

1st place: Shreyas Pathreeker, Syracuse University, Chemical Engineering, Using Visible Light to Develop Advanced Battery Electrodes; Faculty Advisor: Ian D. Hosein

2nd Place: Francielli Silva Genier, Syracuse University, Chemical Engineering, Solid Polymer Electrolyte Networks for Calcium Ion Conduction; Faculty Advisor: Ian D. Hosein

3rd Place: Leila Nikdel, Clarkson University, Environmental Science and Engineering, Comparison of Different Energy Savings Strategies in Residential Buildings; Faculty Advisor: Susan Powers

Poster judges included Daniel Betts, BeCool Inc; Bill Chadwick, United Technologies Corporation; Aimee Clinkhammer, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation; Bob DelZoppo, SRC Inc.; Michael Genovese, NYSERDA; Ben Larsen, King + King Architects; Chonghui Liu, CNY ASHRAE; Dave Martini, Air Innovations; Mary Reidy, National Grid; and Adam Walburger, CDH Energy.