Bringing Historic Lessons Home

SyracuseCoE and the EFC are applying the lessons learned about sustainable disaster recovery and urban redevelopment to Central Upstate New York:

DECONSTRUCTION— With leadership assistance from Northeast Green Building Consulting and Naef Recycling, SyracuseCoE and Home HeadQuarters are working together on it, he planned deconstruction of a house in Syracuse’s Near West Side Neighborhood, including workforce development, market development, and policy initiatives needed to support the process. The project expects to provide a framework that engages the community in sustainable urban redevelopment.

DISASTER RECOVERY—The EFC is considering creating a framework that can be applied to other communities affected by disasters—in Central Upstate New York, those can include ice storms and floods—that takes the Historic Green recovery as a model of sustainable rebuilding.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT—The Historic Green project is a model of community engagement in planning, development, and even construction. Lessons in how to involve community members are being applied to the Near West Side Initiative.